Safety Loan App Review: Real or Fake [ Scam ]

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Safety Loan App Review: Hello friends, welcome to our website Techyloan, in today’s post we will talk about an application that provides you with various types of loans, but the question is whether this app is real or not.

Friends, in today’s time money has become everyone’s need. People keep doing something or the other to earn this money, they do jobs, they do labor work, and they do business just to fill their stomachs.

But some applications on Play Store give you this money in the form of a loan, but we do not know whether this application is real or fake. There is one such application that claims that it gives the loan, its name is Safety Loan.

In this article, we’ll find out if the Safety Loan App can give you a loan and, if so, how much, and we’ll also discuss the negative effects of not making loan payments.

Safety Loan App Review: A Biggest Scam

Friends, Because so many people are jobless and looking for additional sources of income, the Play Store has turned into a location where you can see a lot of loan applications.

And on social media, you’ll notice this fraudulent loan app promotion that makes the promise to get you a loan.

Because of how clever their marketing is, you fall victim to it and give them access to all of your personal information by downloading these apps.

Safety Loan App is the name of one such app. According to this app, you can apply for loans of up to Rs 80000.

to eight months. You have complete control over when you wish to return the loan and now you can fulfill your need using this loan money.

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Application NameSafety Loan App
Who launchedSafety Loan App Pvt. Ltd.
Launched Date17 Nov 2022
Application size18.0 MB approx
Total downloads10k Install
Rating on Play Store4.2/5 Star
Real or FakeRead Fully Article
WebsiteNo Website

Types of Loans in Safety Loan App

As we well know, the Safety Loan App app offers you a variety of loan options. Here, we’ve listed the categories in which this app offers loans.

  1. Wedding: Money for marriage
  2. Loan for bike and new car
  3. Home improvement loan
  4. Emergency medical loan
  5. Credit card bill loan
  6. Education loan
  7. Business loan
  8. Travel loan

Safety Loan App Real or Fake

Do you want to know, friends, if the Safety Loan App is fake or real? Therefore, we would like to inform you that this is a fake application as well as a fraudulent loan application.

Friends, the Safety Loan App claims that it gives you loans ranging from ₹ 3000 to ₹ 200000 which is completely fake. This application does not give you a loan of more than ₹ 20000, it gives loans only in small amounts.

It is entirely inaccurate this application offers you a loan for 95 to 365 days; in reality, it only offers you a loan for 7 days.

Friends, the Safety Loan App claims that it is registered with NBFC but it is not so, it is not registered with NBFC. And according to its interest rate, it charges you up to 18 percent per year.

Safety Loan App Registered Complaint

Safety Loan App Review: Friend, recently a complaint against the Safety Loan app was filed by Mastan Basith on October 19, 2023. Friends, Mastan says that he had downloaded the Safety Loan App but he had never applied for a loan in this App.

But still, the Safety Loan App sent some money to his account and now they are threatening him and sending messages. They’re phoning, threatening to demand money.

Name of ComplainantMastan Basith
Date of ComplaintOctober 19, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained againstsafety loan
Category of complaintCyber Crime
Permanent link of complaintRight-click to copy the link

Complaint No, 2

Safety Loan App Review: Friends, we are going to tell you another complaint against the safety loan application. This complaint has been filed by Hari Dharani in the Consumer Complaint Court against this application on 24 August 2023.

According to Hari ji, he had requested for a loan using the Safety Loan app, but he had deleted the account. Despite this, the employees of Safety Loan deposited ₹ 2100 in his account and then demanded that he repay them, plus interest. When Hari ji refused, they started threatening him on WhatsApp.

  • Safety Loan App Review
Name of ComplainantHari Dharani
Date of ComplaintAugust 24, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained againstsafety loan
Category of complaintCyber Crime
Permanent link of complaintRight-click to copy the link

Trapped in Safety Loan App Scam

Please let us know what to do if you have also fallen victim to the Safety Loan App’s traps, friends.

Friends, if you wish to escape the Safety Loan trap, you must first gather accurate information about these apps. Once you have done so, you may register a complaint against the creators of the application by visiting an offline office or cybercrime website.

You won’t feel uncomfortable when you file a complaint against the app because most users worry that the app could leak their private photographs.


Safety Loan App Review: Friends, if you have read this post till now then you must have understood that the Safety Loan App is a scam application, through this app, you can easily take a loan but when the time of repayment comes, it can put you in trouble.

It is up to you whether you want to take a loan from this app or not, but friends, if you liked this post then please share it with your, Friends, please leave a comment if you see any mistakes in the article.

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