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Mumu Hosting Reviews: Hello friends, Welcome to our website Techyloan Today we are going to talk about a hosting company, and my site Techy Loan is hosted on this hosting, so we will review this hosting company.

Friends, I want to tell you that Mumu Host is a very good hosting. I am not saying this because my website is hosted on it, I am saying this because it is really a very good hosting company.

What is Hosting- Mumu Host

The hosting through which we host our website is called web hosting or website hosting. Web hosting is such a service that allows you to store the data of your site whether it is in the form of content, whether it is in the form of images or videos.

Friends, if you want to create a good website then you should have good hosting for it, because if you do not have good hosting then your site will not be able to run well, nor will there be any traffic on your site and if the traffic does not come then You will not have any income, so in today’s post we will give information about Mumu hosting review.

Mumu Hosting Reviews- Why you buy this Hosting

Friends, what is your question, There are other sites in the market, so why should I buy hosting from Mumu Host? You answer this to me, friends, this is your question, and I will give you the answer today in this post.

Yes, friends, first of all, it is its customer support which I like the best. It does not provide any other hosting. According to me, till date I have bought hosting from all the hosting companies, I did not like their customer support because their response was very poor.

And It is not understandable that it comes late but Mumu Host provides you with very good customer support and one special thing about it is that here you will get customer support in Hindi and English.

This is quite good for those who do not know the English language, You can ask this question in your Hindi language or any language, You can ask them your question and you get a reply within a few seconds, which is very good.

Secondly, I like their plans which are the best, and even famous hosting companies do not provide such plans, and their plans are much better than other hosting companies.

There is a special thing about Mumu Host that makes it different from other hosting, that is it’s buy & renew at the same price, this means that you can renew the hosting plan at the same price for which you have bought it. Which even famous hosting companies do not provide.

Difference between Mumu Host and Hostinger

Friends, there will be a lot of differences between Mumu’s host and Hostinger. You can see a lot of differences in price and features in this, and if we talk about its features, then according to me, Mumu Host’s Rs 120 plan can easily handle the same amount of traffic as Hostinger’s Rs 149 plan.

FeatureMumu Host 120Hostinger 149
StorageUnlimited100 GB SSD
Websites Hosted5100
Free SSL CertificateYesYes
Free Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Uptime Guarantee99.9%99.9%
24/7 SupportYesYes

Mumu Host 120 Plan (Annual Billing)

  • Price per month: ₹120
  • Total price for 12 months: ₹120 * 12 = ₹1,440 + Gst

Hostinger 149 Plan (Annual Billing)

  • Price per month: ₹149
  • Total price for 12 months: ₹149 * 12 = ₹1,788 + Gst


Mumu Hosting Reviews: thank you for reading the article till now. Friends, today we told you why you should buy hosting from Mumu Host, and along with this we also made differences between the two companies. Now it depends on you which company you want to buy hosting from.

Friends, if you like our post today then you can share this post with your friends who are not able to understand where to get hosting in cheap.

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